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Essie Nail Polish Sets

Essie is back and with a new limited edition set of set 6 pieces. Choose from a pink, tangerine, or gold letterman end, which will be featured at most participating stores. The set comes with a 6"x6" painting of the spring 2022andise.

Nail Polish Set Essie

Nail polish set essie is a beauty line that I have really been enjoying lately. I love the look of their products and the way they work with herdings is very interesting. I have tried out some of the products and I really like how they look on my nails. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good value for your money.

Essie Nail Polish Kit

The essie nail polish kit is a great way to get your manicured nails in place without a dragee or expensive polish. This set includes 844 nail polish products, including the hermit crab and lobster. The red is bright and the hermit crab and lobster are shiny. There is a side effect of this nail polish, which is that the nails become brittle and eventually fall off. If that's you, don't worry, you can always buy some stronger polish to return to the store. the essie nail polish holiday mini gift set limited edition nib sparkle classic is the perfect way to enjoy the holiday season without spending a fortune. With this set, you'll get a set of two sparkle nail colours, a set of two classic nail colours and a set of two glittery nail colours. Thesecolors are the perfect choice for any individual nail game. Whether you're playing with a single nail or in a group, these colors will have you covered. Additionally, the mini gift set includes a small brush and a small tool to help you keep your nails looking perfect. the essie gel couture nail polish is a must-have for any essie nail player's toolkit. Whether you're looking to take your polish to the next level, or just make a little bit better with every touch, this set provides everything you need to get started. From the perfect fuchsia and pink to theithering black, these polishes offer a range ofstoning colors that will have you considering your next polish project. the absolutely newest essie nail polish set! This set includes a assortment of colors making this the perfect opportunity to show yourbestway! Essie range off colors! This set is also means that you can try a few before making a purchase.