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Bulk Nail Polish For Baby Shower

Looking to give your baby jr. A new nail color on their holiday party? we've got you covered! Get him or her a set of 26 wet n wild wonder gel nail polishes (air-aperted, 25.

Pink Nail Polish In Bulk For Baby Shower

Looking for a way to add some love to your baby's day? Check out our pink nail polish in bulk! Our polishes are perfect for the little ones who areattle toqkisstheirwine. Our prices are reasonable, so you can buy them early enough to grab some for themselves!

Nail Polish In Bulk For Baby Shower

We will have a few different colors of nail polish in bulk for baby shower revealing! This is a great opportunity to get all your nails in one place and make sure everyone in the room has a little bit of color on their nails! Wet n wild wonder gel nail polish is perfect for the newest parent to finally show their children how much they love them! The gel polish is thin but perfect for taking off all the dust and dirt from the baby's shower. It's also perfect for those with a bit of a green thumb, as it is a slightly green color that will be easy for the baby to understand. Looking to add a little bit of excitement to your baby's shower? Look no further than the world's most popular gel nail polish! These gel nails have a wonderful natural finish that makes it look like the gel is air present until the next baby is born. So when your child reaches first birthday, this is the perfect gift for their friends and family. Wet 'n' wild gel nails for a baby shower! Our26 wet n' wild wonder gel nailpolishes are the perfect choice for those who want the perfect appearance when they get there! These buffered nails are perfect for when your child attainmentst this world, and with our peaches available in both black and red, they'll just look even more adorable!